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Scorpio’s main motto in life is, “Leave me the fuck alone”


Aries – I love you too! Let’s make out!

Taurus - “Is this a joke?”

Gemini - “Whoa, slow down there. Let’s think about this for a second.”

Cancer - “No, I love you more! I always have!”

Leo – “I love me, too.”

Virgo - “…really? I…there is nothing about me to love…”

Libra - “That’s so…

Signs as Super Heroes


Aries- Wolverine 

Taurus- Aquaman 

Gemini- The Hulk

Cancer- Cat Women

Leo- Spiderman

Virgo- Batman

Libra- Superman

Scorpio- Iron Man

Sagittarius- Wonder Women

Capricorn- Professor X

Aquarius- Thor

Pisces- Green Lantern

Star Signs as TV Series


Aries (Sons of Anarchy)

Taurus (Portlandia)

Gemini (Orange is the new Black)

Cancer (Breaking Bad)

Leo (Mean Girls)

Virgo (Sherlock)

Libra (The X-Files)

Scorpio (Supernatural)

Sagittarius (Dexter) 

Capricorn (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Aquarius (Hannibal)

Pisces (Twin Peaks)

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i love being single but i also wouldn’t mind giving all my attention to only one person